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Game Artist

Type : Remote

Contract : Internship

About Slowmo

Slowmo is a french hybrid-casual game development studio. We work with the publisher Voodoo, developing top-selling


games hand in hand with them.

The team is composed of 3 to 5 people. With several years of experience in the mobile games market, we prototype quickly


and are all very versatile.

Your role

With this internship, we propose you to help us on all the Game Art part of our games.

You will start on the production of our last game: Beach Volley Clash, and will eventually work on the next one after that.

Your job on Beach Volley Clash will be to work on the meta. You will produce skins, new characters, accessories, etc...

We are looking for someone very versatile, who is used to Unity, and who is comfortable in 3D and 2D.

During the internship, you will be supervised by Thomas, our Lead Game Artist.



Main Duties:


  • 3D asset modeling, and texturing

  • Creation of UI sprites

  • Design of promotional documents

  • Participation in team meetings and impact in decision making


  • Remuneration at 4,05EUR per hour

  • 100% remote

  • Flexible hours

  • Start date ASAP

  • Duration of 6 months

To Provide

  • Resume

  • Short motivational paragraph 

  • Portfolio, ArtStation or other link to your work

  • LinkedIn

Please answer to this offer at (you can use french 😉)

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